Your eyes can talk about your character and personality

Created on: Jul, 31 2016 10:53 am in Predictions

Your eyes can talk about your character and personality 

Eyes—the gateway to your soul

There is an old saying that the eyes are your gateway to your soul. And, indeed showcase emotion, feelings and thoughts of a person. Eyes are the first thing that you notice in a person. Eyes have been the topic of many poems as they are so tempting and prominent.

Eye shape:

There are several of them—small, deep set, wide, almond shaped and wide etc. Eyes can actually tell everything about a person. They not only portray but they talk about reactions and personalities too if you ever take a closer look. So let us take a look what the shape of an eye can actually say;

The size matters:

They matter a lot. They can be small, prominent or even big. And if you need to determine the size, then please ask your friends and family about it.

 If you have big and large eyes:

If you have large eyes, then you are open and receptive. You pretty much know what is occurring in your both subconscious and conscious. You keep track of your aura and you are quite warm. People think of you as very friendly and you are an artist too. But, since you are a simpleton, people take you for granted.

The small eyes ones

You are very focused, determined and expressive and you are very loyal and professional to your work. You are sharp, have a great future and intellectual. You go in depth and you can get what you really want. But, this has a drawback that you do not trust others that easily and people take that negatively.

The almond eyes ones

People with almond eyes are quite commonly found. They are quite exotic and mystical; and you are quite attentive in nature. You are quite cool and quite balanced in life. Even if you do not show your emotional side; you still quite a decent person from heart.

The round eyes ones

If you posses round eyes then you are quite creative in nature and your imagination can easily run miles. You can easily be quite happy in your own world and be quite oblivious in life. Idealism is in these eyes but mood swings can come with it. You get moved quickly by emotions and hence become very introvert. You are quite appealing and love people; but you still need to keep your mouth in check.

The space between your eyes

The shape of your eyes can be determined by the space between your 2 eyes. The most natural and correct distance between 2 of your eyes must be of 1 eye-width worth. But, some have less space between it and hence they have quite a close eye-set. And the opposite are the ones with wide eye-set.

The closed eye set

The people with a closed eye set are very natural and traditional in nature. They like their history, their ancient touches and their original roots. They like following the family values. But, this also talks about the fact the person is not open to any kind of change. A little change can disrupt their live and they try to deflect it. But these people are quite disciplined, aim based and determined. They have a very low temper and in-depth type attitude allows them to be successful.

Eyes with the wide set

The wide eye set people like to check new ventures and things in life. These people love to wear and use novelty in fashion, trends and other things. These people are quite adjusting, flexible and very wide minded. But their happy go lucky mind and nature can easily make their life a bit chaotic. You can also be liberated and quite impulsive in general.

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