What Is Your Actual Zodiac Sign?

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What Is Your Actual Zodiac Sign?

There are many people who are confused as to what is their actual zodiac sign. The western system that is based on sayana method and the Indian system that is based on niryana method shows the different position of planets. Everyone knows that earth rotates on its axis like a spinning top and changes its position according to the zodiac. This is called precession. Approx 26,000 years is needed to complete one cycle. Thus, there is a shift of one zodiac sign for every 2000 years. The ayanamsa was zero around the year 293 AD. But presently, the ayanamsa is about 24 degrees.

As per western astrology system

As per the western system, it does not subtract the ayanamsa which is unscientific. A zodiac sign consists of 30 degrees, so four-fifth of the people who believe that they are Leo’s are actually Cancerians. According to the highest authority in astronomy NASA, the actual position of planets is exactly the same as used by Indian astrologers i.e. nirayana system.

Sun signs as per Nirayana method

The actual sun sign according to niryana method is as follows:

Aries – 14th April to 14th may

Taurus– 15th may to 14th June

Gemini – 15th June to 16th July

Cancer – 17th July to 16th Aug

Leo – 17th Aug to 16th Sep

Virgo – 17th Sep to 16th October

Libra – 17th October to 15th November

Scorpio– 16th November to 15th December

Sagittarius – 16th December to 13th Jan

Capricorn – 14th Jan to 12th Feb.

Aquarius – 13th Feb. to 14th mar

Pisces – 15th mar to 13th April

The Sun – ruler of ego and zodiac sign

The sun being the ruler of ego and soul remains in a zodiac sign for one month. The moon signifying the heart and emotions goes through one sign in 1 and half day and the entire zodiac in one month. Mercury ruling mental activity stays close to the sun. The western astrologers make daily or monthly forecast on the basis of sun sign and Indian astrologers on the basis of moon sign. The perfect way to analyse a person is to see all three planets i.e. e sun, moon and mercury according to niryana method. The results will really prove to be amazing everyone for sure.

What is Salman Khan’s true sun sign?

The true zodiac sign of Salman Khan is not Capricorn. His sun is positioned in Sagittarius, moon in Aquarius and mercury in revengeful Scorpio. For this reason, he has a childlike charm like that of Sagittarius, eccentricity and humanitarian like that of an Aquarius and also the revengeful mentality of a scorpion. The Indian cricket captain M S Dhoni has sun and mercury in Gemini which is a reason for his quick reflexes, and is very much needed for a wicket keeper and out of box sharp mind. His moon being in leo makes him a perfect leader and flamboyant.

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