The planet Pluto and its features in astrology

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The planet Pluto and its features in astrology

The universe that we live in is slowly accepting and accommodating the farthest planet on our solar system called the Pluto. As per  a NASA report on the 14th of July, 2015, the agency’s rocket ship, whilst going past the small planet at the speed of 45 000 KMPH, has gathered enough evidence to consider that Pluto is a much larger entity then thought before. And, Pluto is also considered quite important in astrology too. So, let us take a look why;

The planet Pluto is the final planet on our solar system and was unveiled in the year 1930. Since it is the 9th planet, the Pluto is not given any significance by Indian astrologers. But, the western and today’s contemporary astrologers accept its significance.

Since the planet is quite far in distance from the Sun, its energy is very calm but nevertheless can cause influence of the sign itself. Pluto signifies rebirth and regeneration change. Contrary to thoughts, Pluto can get things done. A ‘total new concept’ is the notion that Pluto brings to the table. It actually aids a person to look at things quite from a different angle, helps them to enhance their views and come up with a new look for life.

But, before renaissance happens, destruction occurs. Pluto finishes off everything in its folds. Kidnapping, virus, coercion, death, waste and extra obsession are largely thanks to Pluto.

Of course, Pluto has its own powers and the planet helps a person to see and view the inner most self and the subconscious. The planet helps people to reach goals and bigger aims.

It takes Pluto 248 years for doing its orbiting around the sun thanks to its distance. The planet takes the same time to cover around the twelve signs of the zodiac. But, thanks to its solar system position, it takes somewhere in-between 31 to 12 years to shift from 1 sun sign to the other. The planet Pluto is the lord of Scorpio as per the western astrologers and it represents the 8th house. It positions itself last in the line of transcendental bodies and is believed as the higher or sharper octave of the planet Mars.

Many astrologers believe that Pluto’s energy is same as the energy of Hindu God Shiva. Even he is known for his powers of destruction and creation or rebirth. Hence, do not be nonchalant about the planet’s energy as it stands for creation after dissolvent.

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