Leo Astrology Predictions 2017

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Astrology Predictions by Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar for Year Horoscope 2017 All Rashi Zodiac Sign

Your astrological predictions for the year 2017 are here from NavgrahMandir.com by the expert astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar. You can easily plan the year ahead in advance with the help of free astrological remedies and predictions. All the predictions are made on the basis of the Moon sign along with remedies based on the Vedic astrology. We have provided a general prediction for all the zodiac signs. In order to get more personalized Astrology prediction 2017, order online on our online Astrology services or contact us by using Live Astrology Questions.

Leo Astrology Predictions 2017

This year will bring in some good news regarding both your personal as well as professional life. Things will be in your favor in both social as well as professional front. This time will be very beneficial for material prosperity, and you will also have profit from various sources. You will enjoy a lot of happiness this year.

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Leo Career Astrology 2017

In case of matters related to job and business, it will be a favorable year. 2017 will help you to boost your professional life. There are chances of improvement in the professional life. You may also get an opportunity to be promoted. Therefore in a nutshell, this year will be overall a good year and there will also be an increase in the inflow of money as a result of which you will enjoy good position in the professional life.

Your business will rise and you will also gain profits, if you work actively in your business . You may also add any new service or product in your business. There will be a positive image about you in the market.

Leo Finance Astrology 2017

Planetary position will prove to be favorable for you. You will earn a lot of profit in the year 2017 and become wealthy during this time period. Other than earning good amount of money, you will also spend as well as invest money wisely. It is the perfect time to invest in share market specially in the shares that are related to engineering, cement, manufacturing and oil related companies. As a result, your financial status will also improve during this time.

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Leo love and marriage Astrology 2017

Jupiter will remain in the Leo zodiac sign till 11th August 2017 due to which any auspicious event may take place in life. You may find your partner, if you are single now. But if you are already in relationship and are planning for child birth, then your dream will come true.

After 11th August,  Jupiter will enter in the house of family due to which you will again get good support of your family. So in a nutshell, this is an excellent year for matters related to married life, family life and children. A lot of love and care will exist among each members of the family.

Leo Travel Astrology 2017

In 2017 there will be mixed results. Opportunities of travelling will come along your way in this year. We advise you to remain careful during travelling. There are much chances of getting cheated and you may also lose your valuable things during travelling.

Leo Health Astrology 2017

Better not ignore any health problems during travelling. You may face some issues such as sunstroke, heart disease, loss of appetite, fever, eyes, headache and diarrhea.

Remedies for Leo in 2017

Offer water to Sun daily

Donate food on Sunday

Give respect to your father

Puja for Leo  in 2017

Worship Lord Surya daily

Mantra for Leo in 2017

Recite the following mantra “Om Ghrini Surya Namah” daily 108 times.

Gemstone of Leo in 2017

Wear Ruby, the stone of planet Sun. It is advisable to wear  in the Index finger of right hand.

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