Gemini Astrology Predictions 2017

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Astrology Predictions by Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar for Year Horoscope 2017 All Rashi Zodiac Sign

Your astrological predictions for the year 2017 are here from by the expert astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar. You can easily plan the year ahead in advance with the help of free astrological remedies and predictions. All the predictions are made on the basis of the Moon sign along with remedies based on the Vedic astrology. We have provided a general prediction for all the zodiac signs. In order to get more personalized Astrology prediction 2017, order online on our online Astrology services or contact us by using Live Astrology Questions.

Gemini Astrology Predictions 2017

Planets will not be a barrier in your progress in 2017. Most of the planets will be in your favor. This arrangement of planets will help you to achieve your targets. Your pending works will be completed  in this year. Journeys may bring in new friends which will prove to be helpful at the later stage. In total this year will be good for you.

Gemini Career Astrology 2017

Jupiter, the lord of career will provide good results. You will be able to express your persistent energy in the professional projects, deal with official and personal matters calmly and will also be able to achieve success. You possess the capacity to attract creative and charismatic people to make your social life favorable.

You will receive support from higher officials. With the recognition of your work, you will also get help from your colleagues. You will enjoy a powerful position at workplace. You can expect a good hike after September if you are employed. Do not to be overconfident in this period. Try to control your temptation and rush in career and investment during this period.

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Gemini Finance Astrology 2017

This year is not at all favorable for financial matters. The position of Mars, the lord of profit will help you a lot. There will be good money flow in this year. You may also buy a new property or automobile in the second half of 2017. Investment in gold and real estate will bring in much profits.

Gemini Love and Marriage Astrology 2017

This is a pleasant year for your family and domestic matters. Family members will support you a lot  in all the important decisions. Long distance travel will bring profits. You may grow interest in religion and perform charitable deeds.

The transit in Jupiter in the first half of 2017 will be favorable for marriage. Your marriage will get fixed and you will get tied in the long term relationship during this time. Various events of get together and celebrations will take place in the family.

Gemini Travel Astrology 2017

Venus, your 12th lord will provide you enjoyment in journey. Professional travelling will also help you to achieve success. Family travel will give you peace and enjoyment.

Gemini Health Astrology 2017

2017 will be much favorable for your health. There will be no serious health issues in 2017. If you are having any old problems, then health will improve as a result of good treatment. There may be minor ailments related to skin, stomach or throat. Thyroid problem may also arise.

Remedies for Gemini in 2017

Keep fast on Wednesday

Offer green Vegetables to animals

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Puja for Gemini in 2017

Worship Lord Vishnu daily

Mantra for Gemini in 2017       

Recite following mantra “Om Budhaya Namah” for 108 times daily

Gemstone of Gemini in 2017

Wear Green Emerald, the stone of planet Mercury in the little finger of right hand.

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