Cancer Astrology Predictions 2017

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Astrology Predictions by Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar for Year Horoscope 2017 All Rashi Zodiac Sign

Your astrological predictions for the year 2017 are here from by the expert astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar. You can easily plan the year ahead in advance with the help of free astrological remedies and predictions. All the predictions are made on the basis of the Moon sign along with remedies based on the Vedic astrology. We have provided a general prediction for all the zodiac signs. In order to get more personalized Astrology prediction 2017, order online on our online Astrology services or contact us by using Live Astrology Questions.

Cancer Astrology Predictions 2017

Year 2017 will be positive for you. Work according to your talent in order to get success in the coming year. It will be a favorable year for love and marriage life. Your financial condition will also improve.

Cancer Career Astrology 2017

This year you will acquire lands as well as power and position with the help of fame that you have gained in the previous year. You will acquire fame  in your professional field. You will gain profit and achieve success in any profession that you may choose.

Work with confidence but do not get over confident. Do not take any decision in a hurry. It  is a good year for job as well as business.

This year will be excellent for you if you are associated with milk production, IT or FMCG industries.

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Cancer Finance Astrology 2017

There will be no shortage of money during this time. You may also inherit the ancestral wealth too. Prediction of your ability to buy or invest in real estate is on the cards.

Cancer Love and Marriage Astrology 2017

According to the position of Lord of Marriage in the house of love, this year will be favorable for love and married life. 2017 will make you happy if you are unmarried or single or if you are looking for someone special in your life. Old relations will improve and get deeper. People who are single will get involved in new relations.

This year is also perfect for matters related to children. Married people who are planning for child birth will also receive some good news. You will have fairly good relation with your parents. You may come some ups and downs but you will get good support from your friends.

Cancer Travel Astrology 2017

Your 12th Lord Venus will enable you to relish your travelling. You will achieve success because of professional travel. Family travel will also give you mental peace and enjoyment. Both domestic as well as international travelling are on the cards this year.

Cancer Health Astrology 2017

You will enjoy a long life and there will be no major health problems. However, you may face some slowness in health but it will not be much serious. But that will be enough to give you discomfort. You may come across some issues related to cold and sugar.

Remedies for Cancer in 2017

Donate sugar and rice on Monday.

Drink milk in silver pot

Respect your mother

Puja for Cancer in 2017

You need to worship Lord Shiva daily

Mantra for Cancer in 2017

It is essential to recite following mantra 108 times daily “Om Somaya Namah”

Gemstone of Cancer in 2017

You need to wear White Pearl, the stone of planet Moon in the little finger of right hand.

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