Taurus Love and Relationship Predictions 2015

Created on: Sep, 06 2014 02:55 am in Love and Romance Predictions,Predictions 2015

The Taurus are looking for a well-defined relationship. They are marrying kind and their commitment is like to have and hold. They are faithful to their lovers and in return want the same fidelity from them. If they don’t found such expectations met then their entire world crashes. They are loyal in love and even possessive regarding their love. If they are hurt in love they are jealous enough to fit in that. taurus-Love_predictions

In the relationship they are satisfied with the simple things. They don’t want lavishing entertainments and courtship but like to involve with their partner romantically. If they are given enough love, food shelter and company they will remain quiet and content to enjoy your company at home. They prove to be the loyal partner throughout their life. Make them feel comfortable and secure in the relationship and see the shower of love and faith in your relationship.

Being over possessive they try to control their partner which might cause great pains at both the ends. They have a trait of ownership and hence they feel that they can control and over rule their partner. This is just for their own security and comfort. This attitude of them creates a big problem in their life. This attitude is good when it is applied on the materialistic things but creates dangerous scenes if applied on people. So Taurus has to be very careful regarding this trait of them if they want a life of their relationship.

The position of Saturn in your house of couples will subject to your attentions on the topics such as consistency, stability, maturity, persistence and time.

During this time you find yourself bound to your own manifestations and hence there will be a chance of sensational misunderstandings, isolation, coldness and even breakups. Might be your partner doesn’t have same enthusiasm and you too being in your own world might don’t reach to the heart of each other. Your relationship in 2015 might get tested and result to a breakup if the problems are experienced in them.

The position of Saturn might cause problems and brings in loneliness at times for you and arise difficult situation for your partner. It would also provide you with the offers to choose upon and understand what you want and necessities in life. It would ask you to make reasonable choices instead of carrying away with the flow of romance in life.

During the first quarter of the year the plane Saturn will be spectated by other three planets- Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. They will encourage and boost the knowledge and promise remarkable things for the relationship. The communication, friendship, trips will help and even a distance trip for sentimental purpose or distance relationship will be taken along during this quarter.

The ruler of house of couple in Taurus horoscope is Mars but it is travelling through house of work, obligations or disease. This situation prevails until July 2015. So you might be get troubled by any one of them. It won’t be surprising if relationship with your colleague, or someone from medical field or armed forces came into existence.  The position of mars is not providing you with comfortable situation and you might face terrific situations from March 2015 to May 2015. During this time Mars is retrograde hence the problems appears.

June 2015 is relaxing and sensory month.

August 2015 and September would be passionate months but brings in some deep-seated decisions and situations of discomfort.

November 2015 is a sensual month, the things will go along as per your desire. Only thing required is the wisdom and prudence to tackle them.