Gemini Love and Relationship Prediction 2015

Created on: Oct, 05 2014 04:11 am in Love and Romance Predictions,Predictions 2015

The natural tendencies of Gemini’s are reflected in their love and social life as well. They are brilliant and little talkative in nature. A verbal joust of them is going to be a great prelude of romance. They face a small problem in their love life and that is their cool intellectual behavior and lack of passion. Due to this they fail to provoke the ardor in others. The depth in passion is lacking in Gemini’s as it might hamper their ability to think and speak. They swept away with the emotions easily. Their partner needs to understand this behavior and instead of complaining about them they should support them. Gemini

Gemini’s need to understand that talking about love is one thing and feeling it is another. Just a glibly love talk would not take them anywhere. They need to feel love and radiate it. They are generous towards their lover. They have to understand that love is by heart not by words. So, if you in love with Gemini see their gestures instead of their talks. What they do is more important than what they talk about.

The qualities they seek in their counterpart are well refined. They want a person who listen them. A well-educated, prosperous life partner would be their preference.

They share an ideal relationship of mind and soul. For them the physical and emotional aspects of relationship matters a lot. They look for the intellectual communication and if it lacks they will be sufferer.

If you are single you will meet your desired life partner soon. During second half of the year the position of Jupiter in Leo will increase your travel part. During this time you might meet your love in the cities or resorts you visit. This year there would be many circumstances in which you have to travel. So the theme of the year is travel. This spontaneous visit for enjoyment, pleasure and other reasons will help you in starting with a new relationship. The month of July and august proved to be of worth for this purpose.

The planet of action and energy, Mars along with Libra is also visiting your sun-sign. Usually it spends seven weeks in one sign but this time it will spend eight months. This is a nice time to jumpstart your love life. This planet provides you with tremendous energy and new start in your love life.

This would be a wonderful year for those who wish for a baby. The first half of the year is a good time for the couples planning for a baby? This time is lit by the energetic planet Mars. The position of it in your 5th house is creating a beautiful and graceful situation. This time is ruled by the romance, pregnancy and birth. So if you wish for a baby this is an ideal time to go ahead and make your dreams come true. If you are blessed with a child you would become a proud parent and find your child grow in front of you. You will find the talent in your child and do your best to nurture it and discover it and take it to other level.