Navratri Maha Ashtami Pujan Benefits

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The Navaratri Maha Pujan on the Maha Ashtami; 14 April 2016 Thursday


When is Maha Ashtami in The Year 2016

date is 14 April 2016 Thursday

The benefits of the Maha Ashtami Pujan

The period of Navratri is a time when followers can easily eradicate the bad and negative aura from their lives and put in positivity. The Navaratri pujan can easily bring happiness, prosperity, money, good health and positive vibes in life. The knowledge that one can get may not only be limited to all the religious knowledge, but it can also be for secular knowledge.

The profits of doing it:

The time of Navaratri, or also known as the 9 days and nights, occurs because Goddess Durga had actually finished off the devil. The time is noted for the victory, and positivity. Doing the Navaratri pujan can actually bring in great positive impacts to the follower or devotee.

Let us see the benefits;

  • Devotees can easily claim wins over all their rivals and also over all types of issues
  • Devotees, who are under the burden of a loan, can clear it and get a good life for themselves.
  • Doing a navaratri pujan can easily change a problem into a benefit for a devotee.
  • All your business issues can also take a back seat thanks to the pujan
  • The puja can also repair any kind or type of friction between all family members; in fact it can promote a good relationship.
  • All financial issues can be removed
  • Success can easily touch your feet and blessings will come to you
  • If you need spiritual enlightenment, you will actually get it from this pujan

When the puja is actually done?

3 main pujan are done during the period, particularly on the Maha Ashtami day. The pujas that one can do over the period are the Mahanisha Bagalamukhi, Navratri Maha Ashtami Pujan and the Maha Kali Ashtami pujan

The Maha Ashtami is done over the 8th day of the Ashwin Navaratri. On that day, pujas are doneover all Shakti peets across India. Devi Bagalamukhi and devi Kali are prayed on this day for benefits of physical wealth, spiritual help, strength, valour and also attitude and confidence.

Praying to Devi Bagalamukhi:

The devi Bagalmukhi pujan is done in order to remove all the bad visions your enemies and rivals have put upon you. Devi can easily help you from all hurts, and also aid you during any legal issue, bad occasion, accident or other things.

One can easily pray to and do the Devi Bagalamukhi pujan and homa on the Maha Ashtami day. The puja can help to remove and avoid all types of bloodshed, murder and deaths in the family. The devi is actually known as the Adi Shakti, who possesses the immaculate powers and functions to change all bad vision and evil into good and great. If she is appeased, she can easily handicap the talking ability of your enemy and also clear off all bad intentions and bad thoughts of your rival.

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The Maha Devi Kali Puja:

The better half of Lord almightyShiva, Devi Kali, Maa Kali and Maha Kali is the icon for power, strength and shakti. Hence, if you ever pray to her, you can easily bring power to your brains. If you ever consider doing Maa’s pujan on the auspicious date of Maha Ashtami, then you can easily remove all fear from your body and mind and get all the success you can get.

Devi can also help you to get rid of evil and Black magic. Hence if you do the pujan on the Ashtami, then you can garner peace, prosperity and value in life.

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