How To do Navratri Puja as Procedure

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How to worship Mata and Conclude Navratri?

According to the Hindu belief, it is not only the humans but also the Gods worship Mata Bhagwati on this occasion. During these nine days, the nine different forms of the Mother Goddess are worshipped. Mata Bhagwati is just another name for Shakti that we worship. The nine different forms that re worshipped in this period are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Ma Gauri and Siddhidatri respectively worshipped in these nine days. And to worship these Goddesses, a fast is kept.

Starting the Puja in Pratipada

Navratri Durga Puja 2014

Navratri Durga Puja 2014

The starting of the puja is observed by establishing a Kalash signifying auspiciousness of the fast for these nine days. In a Kalash or a large vessel, Jau; that is Barley and Grains are kept to grow full on sands. This is done of the very first day of the puja that is the Pratipada tithi. On one side of the Kalash a raw coconut is kept and the rest of the Kalash is filled with water. Then a lamp named Akhand Jyoti is lit up. This is burnt for a period continuously for these nine days. The puja starts with worshipping Lord Ganesha followed by Lord Vishnu, Shiv, Varun Dev, Sun and Moon and the other nine planets.

Planet Pacification during Navratra

During the nine days of Navaratra Planet pacification plays a very important role. Each day of this puja is performed to pacify the planets. On Pratipada it is done to pacify Mars, Dwitiya for Rahu, Tritiya for Jupiter, Chaturthi for Saturn, Panchami for Mercury, Shashthi for Ketu, Saptami for Venus, Ashtami for Sun and Navami for Moon. And it is done by chanting the Navgrah Beej Mantra. Chanting these mantras can cure many diseases. There are seven hundred Mahamantras that gives these mantras its name Durgasaptashati.

Things to be Kept in Mind

Navratri is a period when the powers are very high in the environment and hence, three powers should not be worshipped together. Mother Goddess likes fragrant flowers and Kaner and hence, only these are used for the puja. The idol should be decorated with a red cloth. In fact the worshiper should also sit on a red Aasan.

Things to avoid

The fast is very important even for the worshiper and he must eat only one time a day and that too, righteous food. He must avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol. Celibacy is very important. On the Navami tithi, 9 small girls and a boy of 10 years or less should be given Dakshina and fed. Feeding them is very auspicious. Once the feeding is done, the grains and barleys that were sown in the Kalash on Pratipada, are pulled out and kept in the almirah or at the place where the money is kept in the house. The Kalash water should be sprinkled in the entire house to remove negative energies. It is believed to be very good for the devotees to get a prosperous life ahead in life.