Monthly Horoscope Reading for October 2016 via Vedic Astrology

Created on: Feb, 07 2016 04:15 am in Monthly Horoscope

The festivals are just arriving. Therefore, it is necessary to get the predictions regarding the financial matters for the coming festive season. Stock market is one of the controlling factors of the investment and the financial matters. Let’s take a look on the fate of the stock markets for October 2016


The planets will be situated in the adverse positions and therefore, there will be a loss during this week. The first three days there will be obstacle and during the phase there will be disastrous results regarding the financial matters. It is true that it will be a gigantic task to decide the right path properly to get the positive results. Therefore, it is advised to avoid any new investment.


On the other hand for Taurus this week will be beneficial. It has been speculated that every decision will make an inflow of profit to the wallet. Not a single day but all days will be auspicious to the Taurus natives. There will be rewards everywhere in PSU, communication, and others.


For the Gemini natives it has been predicted that there will be moderate profit in the financial sector. However every investment should be made wisely so that they can be executed with control because uncontrolled investment will give negative result instead of the positive one. The first three days are excellent for the investment and other financial matters. It will be fruitful if the natives invest in the FMCG and new technological ventures.


There will be reasonable profit in the stated period. The natives have to also be prudent to make maximize the gain. According to the prediction Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are best for the investment. Those who will invest in the Pharmacy, Metal, and Capital Goods will be rewarded by profits.

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There is good news for the Leo members. There will be huge profit in the specific time span. The natives have to; however, calculate the risk factors to maximize the profit. For the Leo natives Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are good to invest.


Again there is moderate financial growth for the Virgo natives in the specific span of month. The Virgo natives are advised to avoid any risky step in the financial matter. The first three days will be good for the investment in the PSU, communication, and old economy stocks.


These six days are not favourable for the Libra natives regarding the gains in the financial sectors. Every time the natives will see the opportunities slipping of the hands. Monday and Wednesday will be disastrous to the Libra members. Therefore it is advised not to invest in any new venture during this period.


There will be huge financial profit during this week. If you are the Scorpio native then you will enjoy an upstairs’ movement constantly. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday will be fruitful to you. It would be better if the investment will be made in refinery, metal, pharmacy, and heavy metal sectors.


The Sagittarians will also enjoy huge profit during this period. If you are a Sagittarian then you will have immense energy to make profits. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will be best days for investment.


There will be moderate financial profit for the Capricorn natives. The members have to be cautious in decision making. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be good for the financial matters. However the results will not meet the expectations always.


The planets will be in the adverse position and therefore, there will be loss in the financial sector. There will not be the positions to get the proper opportunities. Moreover, Monday and Wednesday will be disastrous regarding the financial matters.


There will be mixed responses during this period. Every investment will be awarded with positive and negative results. Therefore the decisions should be taken wisely to get the best results.

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