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 The time of auspicious festival has already reached. Let’s know the luck during this Year Head 2017 via Indian Vedic Astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar

The Aries

 It is the perfect time for the love birds. Those who are single still, they will be able to find their soul mates. Not only this but also the married couples will enjoy a good time. If you are an Aries native then you will be energetic throughout the entire week and your mind will be full of positive thoughts. However you have to be aware of your financial matter.

The Taurus

It is the wonderful period for the family persons. This is the right time to purchase luxurious items for your home. From the point of view of business, it can be said that it is the ideal time to get involved in new ventures. However there will be some instability in your income which will make disturbances.

The Gemini

 It will be a time of mixed results for the Gemini natives. The Gemini members will enjoy a good time by means of their health, but simultaneously will be disturbed about the health issues of the female of their family. During this week they will get support from friends and colleagues.

The Cancer

If you are a cancer native, then it is the perfect time for the finance related matters. You will be benefited from every corner of sources regarding finance. It is also the good time to start a new venture. However you have to be cautious about the mixed results due to the combination of stars at the beginning of the week.

The Leo

Again it is about the personal relationships. It is the perfect time to secure the relationships due to the presence of bonding between the partners. You will also enjoy great enthusiasm for the new projects. However you have to be careful about the risk factors regarding the financial matters.

 The Virgo

The first three months will be sensitive for the Virgo natives. For those three months they should be careful of accidents and other health injuries. The period of the said week will not be beneficial for investments also.

 The Libra

This period is suitable for the foreign relationships because of the proper positioning of stars. If you are a Libra member then you will get a huge income from a source suddenly. This time is preferable for starting new projects regarding the financial matters.


The Scorpio

The scorpions will get mixed results due to the planetary positions. The scorpions will get appreciation, respect from the society. However it will not be same for the financial matter. They have to avoid taking risks in the financial fields. There is a positive source of support regarding the finance from well known persons of society.

The Sagittarius

Luck will support in every aspect in this period. However there is a point that the natives must not interfere in other’s business. The first half will be crucial for the Sagittarians. There will be obstacles and they have to avoid them.

The Capricorn

This period is preferable for the students. If you are a native of this sun-sign then you will get positive results in the competitive exams. Last part of the week will make you surprised with a sudden inflow of money. However you have to control the movements to avoid any obstacles.

The Aquarius

This period will be very preferable for the natives for proper positioning of the stars. It is the right time to start a new project. There will be sudden increase of profit. However the natives have to be careful about their partners regarding the financial matters. Health matters also have to be taken seriously.

The Pisces

This time will be very sensitive regarding the relationship and financial matters. There will also be some health problems of spouse of the natives. The members have to control the behaviour and choose the right partner for their financial projects.