Diwali Laxmi Pujan Muhurat 2014 date and timing

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Diwali Laxmi Pujan Muhurat 2014

In the Karitik Krishna Paksha, during the Pradosh Kaal, the Diwali festival is celebrated and the Maha Lakshmi Pujan is performed. As worshipping the Goddess of wealth that is Maha Lakshmi Mata is very auspicious, most people perform this puja during this time to get her blessings. In 2014, Diwali is on 23rd October.

The astrological position of the stars and the moon on this day says that it will be the predominance of Chitra Nakshatra that is in its Vishkumbh Yoga. The Moon will shift its position and move into the Virgo Sign. The most significant astrological positions that are important on the occasion of Diwali are Pradosh kal, Amavasya date, Chaughadia Muhurat and auspicious Lagna.

Pradosh Kal Muhurat

In the year 2014 the pradosh kaal period will remain from 17:39 to 20:14. It is very auspicious to perform the worshipping during this pradosh kaal. It is considered to be very good when there is a fixed lagna in pradosh kaal. The chaughadia depends on the pradosh kaal and fixed lagna and it is due to this that its time can increase.

How to Use Pradosh Kal

It is in this time that you will need to do the entire task that is associated with the preparations of the temple that needs to be done. These include Rangoli, Puja and Deepdan and many more. Even the distribution of sweets that is a very important aspect of the Diwali festival also needs to be done in this time. Even the task of drawing the Swastika and also to write the Subh Labh in order to have prosperity in the house forever, needs to be done in this period. It is better to give the gifts to your family during this period.

Auspicious Time for  Diwali Nishit Kaal Puja

The nishit kaal or the nishad time is dependent on the local time. It therefore, varies a bit in every place, by a few minutes. It is this time that the business men can be benefited with the chaughadia. This brings prosperity to their business. That is why they perform the Lakshmi puja during this time.

How to Use Nishit Kaal

The Nishit kaal is the one that is chosen to perform invoking and worshipping Goddess Dhan Lakshmi. That is why, the Havan must be completed during this time. There is not only the Maha Laxmi puja that takes place in the Diwali ceremony, but there are also other worshipping like Maha Kali Pujan, Maha Lakshmi Pujan, Kuber Pujan, the chanting of mantra and many more.



Diwali Laxmi Puja Timing at Maha Nishit Kal

In the year 2014 the Maha Nishit Kaal will be from 23:39 till 24:31 minutes. It is this time that it is better to use Maha Nishit Kaal to worship Goddess Laxmi and celebrate Diwali according to the scriptures.

How to Use Maha Nishit Kal

Diwali is the time period that is best for all the tantric yogyas and havans. The various rituals and the different astrological works are all performed during this time. It is very important that you light up a Diya or lamp with four wicks to be lit up the entire night.