Annakut Festivaland Goverdhan festivals in Diwali

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Annakut Festivaland Goverdhan festivals in Diwali

The Annakut festival is one of the most important festivals in Diwali. In the year 2014, it is going to be celebrated on 24th October that is the Pratipad Tithi of Kartik Shukla Paksha. There is also going to be another festival named Goverdhan that is also celebrated on this very day. However, bith of these have their own sets of significances. The Goverdhan Puja is mostly celebrated at a Lord Krishna’s birth place and the places that are linked with him like Gokul, Kashi, Vrindavan etc.

How to celebrate Goverdhan Puja

A Goverdhan mountain is artificially created in the courtyard or any other part of the house. In the birth place of lord Krishna, that is Brij, this festival is celebrated with pomp and glory. Even an artificial mood is created with cows, mountains; Gopies, calves etc are created. In fact a statue of Lord Krishna, decorated with feathers of peacock is also created there.

On this day, Lord Krishna is worshipped in these places and also it is considered as the cow day. The popular belief is that if you worship the cow on this day, it will give you prosperity and happiness and favourable outcomes. In many places, the cows are bathed with saffron and Akshta and they are decorated with garlands. The mountain that is made is made up of cowdung. Batashe and Kheel and many other toys are also placed on the mountain. With much enthusiasm, this festival is celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan. Naivedya or Chappan Bhog that is 56 different food items are offered to Lord Krishna during the evening time.

Story behind the Goverdhan Fast

There are very famous story that is associated with the Goverdhan Puja that dates back to the time when Lord Krishna was alive and used to take the cattle for rearing along with the Gwalas and Gopies. When he reached Goverdhan mountain, the Gopies made 56 different types of foods. They sang and danced. They prepared this for Lord Indra with the hope that he will be pleased and bestow his blessings upon them and they will get a good harvest. However, Lord Krishna made them understand that not harvest and fertile land, but the mountains with grass were better for their cattle.

Even today, these words of Lord Krishna are followed by the Brij people. That is the reason why they worship Goverdhan mountain even today. However, according to the legends and the stories, Lord Indra became angry and ordered the clouds to rain heavily on Gokul. Everyone become scared to see this and requested Lord Krishna to help them out.

People of Brij followed the words of lord Krishna and started worshipping Goverdhan mountain. God Indra became angry on seeing that the public was worshipping Goverdhan mountain instead of worshipping him. So, he ordered clouds to rain heavily on Gokul so that life gets destroyed. He asked everyone to come and take shelter under the Goverdhan mountain. He raised the mountain on his little finger and everyone went under it. The rain did not affect them, but when Lord Indra understood his mistake, he stopped the rain. But Lord Krishna asked the people of Brij to offer Annakut to the mountain every year.

Annakut Festival

There are 56 types of food prepared in Annakut and offered to Devi Annapurna with the prayer that there is never the lack of food. It is a festival where everyone comes together and prepare the food and offer them to God and then eat the prasaad. During the month of Kartick, in every temple of Kashi, the Annakut is celebrated and in Kashi Vishwanath temple, a Shivalaya of ladoos is made.