Aarti and worshipping Goddess Maha Lakshmi Puja on Diwali

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Aarti and worshipping Goddess Maha Lakshmi Puja on Diwali

In Diwali, the most important aspect is the worshipping of Goddess Lakshmi. It is a very systematic ritual that is very carefully followed. The Aarti of Goddess Maha Lakshmi is the grandest part of the puja. In the Aarti, lamps are used. These lamps are made up with ghee and camphor. The lamp must have four wicks on four sides and must be lit up with ample ghee that it is not blown away. Swastiks play a very predominant role in the Hindu religion and that is why, even this Aarti will be incomplete without it. So, a Swastik is drawn on a plate with roli. Jal Shank, incense sticks and clothes are offered to her.

Completing the Aarti:

The Aaarti is done with the sound of damru, shells and bells and by offering flowers and Akshat to Goddess Lakshmi. The entire family comes together for the Aarti and must move the Aarti plate before Goddess Lakshmi exactly 7 times, and done by individual member one after the other. It ends with a prayer asking for forgiveness of past mistakes and wish for peace, happiness, prosperity, health and wealth.

The mantra to chant:

Om Jai Lakshmi Mata, Maiya Jai Lakshmi Mata,
Tumko Nishdin Sevat, Har Vishnu Vidhata || OM ||
Uma Rama Bharmani, Tum Hi Jag Mata,
Surya Chandrma Dhyavat Naard Rishee Gata || OM ||
Durga Roop Niranjani, Sukh Sampati Data,
Jo Koi Tum Ko Dhayata, Riddhi Siddhi Pata || OM ||
Tum Patal Nivasini, Tum Hi Shubh Data,
Karam-Prabhav-Prakashini, Bhav Nidhi Ki Trata || OM ||
Jis Ghar Main Tum Rahti, Sub Sadgun Aata,
Sub Sambhav Ho Jata, Man Nahi Ghabrata || OM ||
Tum Bin Yagya Na Hove, Vastra No Koi Pata,
Khan-Pana Ka Vaibhav, Sub Tumse Pata || OM ||
Shubhgun Mandir Sundar, Sheerodadhi Jata,
Ratan Chaturdhsh Tum Bin, Koi Nahi Pata || OM ||
Mahalakshmi Ji Ki Aarti, Jo Koi Nar Gata,
Urr Anand Samata, Pap Utar Jata || OM ||

Saraswati Pujan on Diwali

Take the akshat in your hands and offer it before the picture of Goddess Saraswati. Sprinkle water 3 times and chant these mantras and offer these ingredients to Goddess Saraswati:

Padhyam, Ardhya, Achmaniya
Sarwadesnanam Samarpyami – water.

Sarwade Panchamrit Snanam Samarpyami – Panchamrit

Panchamritsnanante Sudhidhak Snanam Samarpyami – bathe her in Holy Water.

Suvasitam Etran Samarpyami – essence

Vastram Samarpyami – Moli

Aabhusanam Samarpyami – jewellery

Ghandham Samarpyami – Roli or red sandalwood

Akshatan Samarpyami – rice

Kumkum Samarpyami – Kumkum

Dhupam Aardhapyami – Dhup

Deepakam Daryshayami – light the lamps

Navedhyam Nivedymami – Prasaad

Aachmanam Samarpyami – sprinkle Holy Water

Tambulam Samarpyami – betel nut, betel leaves and cardamom

Riufalam Samarpyami – seasonal fruit

Dhakshinam Samarpyami – camphor

Namaskaram Samarpyami – bow down for blessings

Kuber Pujan on Diwali

On Dhan Trayodashi and Diwali, Kuber is worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi with the belief that it will increase the wealth in the house. He is worshipped with the following mantra:

Padhyam, Ardhya, Achmaniya Samarpyami

Om Vaishnay Namah, Snanarthe Jalam Samarpyami- sprinkle Holy Water

Om Vaishnay Namah, Panchamrit Snanarthe Samarpayami – bathe Kuber Yantra with Panchmrit

Om Vaishnay Namah, Suvasitam Itram Samarpyami- essance

Om Vaishnay Namah, Vastram Samarpyami – Moli

Om Vaishnay Namah, Gandham Samarpyami – Roli

Om Vaishnay Namah, Akshatan Samarpyami– Rice

Om Vaishnay Namah, Pushpam Samarpyami – Flowers

Om Vaishnay Namah, Dhupam Aardhapyami – Dhup

Om Vaishnay Namah,Deepakam Daryshayami – lamp

Om Vaishnay Namah, Navedyam Samarpayami- Prasaad

Aachmanam Samarpyami – Water

Om Vaishnay Namah, Riufalam Samarpyami – Seasonal fruits

Om Vaishnay Namah, Tambulam Samarpyami – betel nut, betel leaves and cardamom

Om Vaishnay Namah, Dhakshinam Samarpyami- Cash

Om Vaishnay Namah, Kapurnirajnam Samarpyami- burn camphor

Om Vaishnay Namah, Namaskaram Samarpyami – bow down for blessings