Language of Astrology Through Astrology Symbols

Created on: Jul, 03 2015 11:37 am in Daily Horoscope

At the time when the predictions are made on the basis of your horoscope or birth-chart arranged by astrologers, you may detect specific glyphs that display some sort of implication. Discover here different astrology symbols for sundry celestial bodies as well as the zodiac signs.

Astrological symbols associated with the Zodiac

Basically speaking, there are twelve zodiac signs provided in Astrology. It is decisive to understand that the various symbols of Hindu Rashi as well as the Western zodiac signs diverge from one another on various grounds. Please note that every single one of the zodiac signs is represented by its specific sign that one can simply follow in the natal chart. On the grounds of your Moon sign, your personal horoscope is evaluated. Some astrologers tend to go for astrology signs to correspond to your zodiac or the Moon sign. Astrology symbols are mostly used to comprehend the attributes of the celestial bodies in the solar system. The Zodiac sign is termed as Rashi in Hindi that denotes an assemblage. Thus, assemblage of stars gives Rashi and the figure that they make while gathering in is termed as the symbol.

The symbols of Hindi Rashi or the Zodiac Signs

Mesh Rashi or Aries Sign is denoted with symbol Face as well as the Horns of Ram. The individuals with the zodiac sign of Aries displays features and attributes as expressed by a Ram. Like Ram, the Aries people are also striving, friendly, daring and aggressive.

Vrishabha Rashi or Taurus Sign  is denoted with the symbol of the Face and the Horns of Bull. Akin to Bull, Taurus individuals are influential. They demonstrate very good material stamina. They are temperamental, lazy, calm and composed like bulls. However, they get destructive when provoked suddenly like bulls.

Mithun Rashi or Gemini Sign is expressed with the symbol of the escort or pairs of boy and girl. It shows that the Gemini people are loquacious. They tend to have dual edged nature.

Karaka Rashi or Cancer Sign is showcased with the figure of Crab’s Claws. Cancerians are usually sensitive, delicate, emotional, artistic and caring. They prefer to love changes. They are fond of their teachers and mentors. They are also fond of activities like dancing, singing, visiting places near water as well as greenery.

Simha Rashi or Leo Sign is denoted with astrology symbol Lion i.e. Head and Mane. Lions are termed as aggressive, authoritative, leader, and heroic. So alike lions, Leo people possess similar qualities.

Kanya Rashi or Virgo Sign is represented with the astrology sign Sheaf of Barley. It represents meticulous, structured behavior in the Virgo people. These individuals always like correctness and do not be fond of indiscretion.

Tula Rashi or Libra Sign is denoted with astrology symbol scale. It reveals that Libran people prefer to uphold balance in their lives. They enjoy pleasant relationship. They are also suitable for giving justice.

Vrishchik Rashi or Scorpio Sign is denoted with astrology figure stinger of a scorpion. Scorpions are smart or sensible. They are occasionally strongly vengeful.

Dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius Sign is denoted with the astrology sign Arrow of the Centaur. It depicts partial animal temperament. Sagittarius are little frank and truthful

Makar Rashi or Capricorn Sign is denoted by astrology sign Body and the Head of a goat with the tail of a fish. It reveals selfish and cynical nature. However, Capricorn people are striving and hard working.

Kumbh Rashi or Aquarius Sign is pictured with astrology figure ripples of water. It is occasionally modernly seen as bolts of lighting, or electrical energy charged water that symbolizes vitality. Aquarius people possess striking personality.

Meen Rashi or Pisces Sign is denoted by astrology sign of two fish tied in concert yet swimming in reverse directions. It denotes shy nature like fish. Pisces are resourceful, emotional but somehow unsteady.

Astrology Signs to symbolize Planets

Here, we will talk regarding the Planets in Astrology. Basically, there are 7 planets, i.e. the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn which are depicted by specified symbols. Nevertheless, Rahu & Ketu are obscure planets and they have no representation as they are not evident celestial bodies but conceived in the Hindu Astrology.

Sun is depicted with astrology symbol as circled dot. It symbolizes the divine spirit or called circle surrounding the seed of prospective that is why other planets enclose over the Sun. The Sun governs the zodiac sign of Leo. Sun is a very vital body in astrology as well as the solar system. Sun is basically the sign of peace as well as wisdom.

The Moon is represented by the astrology symbol curved moon. This symbol shows mind or the evolving human spirit. The Moon governs the zodiac sign of cancer. It is a matter of fact that the Moon is moist, cold and female planet. Phases of the Moon change on a day by day basis and are momentous to impact significant occurrences of the human life especially the events associated with the family.

Mars is denoted by astrology symbol Mars’s shield & spear. The arrow attached to the circle symbolizes the strength over heavenly spirit. Mars authorizes the Zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio. Mars is believed to be the God of energy and force.

Mercury is denoted as an astrological symbol with the symbol of winged helmet. It symbolizes semi-circular poised over circle which indicates the mind poised over heavenly spirit. It is dualistic, scholar and irresolute planet. Gemini and Virgo are the two signs under the influence of Mercury.

Jupiter is denoted with the astrology sign of thunderbolt or an Eagle. Jupiter is considered to be the God of virtue and righteousness. Jupiter is educator of all the Gods. Astrological signs of Sagittarius and Pisces are monitored by the planet Jupiter.

Venus is represented with the hand mirror of the feminine planet. It means celestial spirit or circle over the material or cross. Venus is the radiant or brightest planet in the solar system. Venus is the teacher of devils. Venus is linked with the gratification of existence and reproduction. Venus preside over Taurus and Libra.

Saturn is denoted with Saturn’s sickle. It depicts matter or cross taking superiority over the mind or the human spirit known as the crescent. Saturn is sluggish, sterile and mystifying planet. It causes stoppages in the works and events.