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Created on: Jul, 03 2015 11:30 am in Daily Horoscope

Chinese zodiac astrology play vital role in the everyone life. Here, we are discussing about the subject of Chinese zodiac astrology.

Valuable Chinese zodiac astrology help the person to know more details about people behavior, personality, characteristics, emotional, life style, make up etc. and the much more about yourself. Therefore, with the valuable help of Chinese zodiac astrology a person able to get best things to know about you.  Based on the person  birthday, birth season and the birth hours chart a system can able to predict the person’s destiny and fate.  Birthday season and birthday hour are also called the Zi Wei Dou.  The still use of Zi Wei Dou in the Chinese zodiac astrology.  The Chinese zodiac astrology use in the person’s fortune.  For determining the person’s fortune, require to analyze the position of major planets like Moon, sun and comet.

Chinese zodiac astrology gives a gleam about the horoscope by the fundamentals of traditional astrology. For analyzing the horoscopes, 12 animals are playing very important role. These 12 animals are key used to analyzing the horoscopes. These 12 animals are in the fix order like- Rat, ox, rabbit, tiger, dragon, horse, snake, sheep, money, dog, rooster, dog and pig. All these animals represent a calendar year as a cycle. In the year 2012, animal dragon is use to represent this year. Therefore this year is called as a “dragon year”.  If you want to know your animal year you should apparently discuss all about your career by studying the Chinese zodiac astrology.  Chinese zodiac astrology will help you the getting knowledge about your career, relations, family, social image, money status and all about your future life.

By the observations of the orbit of the Jupiter, twelve year cycle of animal signs built. This orbit of Jupiter around the sun.  Part of the celestial circle into 12 sections and the 12 years by the Chinese astronomers.

In Chinese zodiac astrology have Myths behind selecting the animal’s signs:-

The order of the twelve sign was explored by Buddha, according to the mythology of Chinese zodiac astrology.  In the kingdom, Lord Buddha invited all the animals for conducting meeting,  but only 12 animals comes for attending the meeting. In the group of 12 animals, first one animal to get there was garrulous rat and this animals place in the first place. The next animal was Ox and these animals placed in 2nd place. And the pig family placed in the 12th numbers. For those who born in the animals year, Buddha gave each animals a year of its gifting and its own and decide the nature of characteristic.

The people of the china believed that the year represented by the animals has inserted the affect in the people. Like western astyrology and vedic, there also believed in the 12zodiac signs. These 12 signs attaches with the Chinese zodiac astrology. But this year are represented with the animal year. For example- According to Chinese zodiac astrology, if you were born in the year 1988 then your zodiac sign is Aries. And you will be known as the Aries dragon in the Chinese zodiac astrology. And you have the quality of dragon.

Here, we will describe the characteristics with your animal year:-

  • Rat:- Those people who born in the rat year are ambitions, talkative, attractive and the kind person. And this people have the ability to catch good opportunity and they have own nice intelligence and they are very smart people.


  • Ox: – The people who born in the Ox year are punctilious, enduring, serious and confident. They are born as leaders. These type of peoples are logical and traditional. This type of people dislike interference of the others people they like to enjoying their private life.


  • Tiger: – Those peoples who born in the tiger year are generous, honest, sensitive, emotional and passionate lovers. And this type of people likes to take big challenges in life.


  • Rabbit: – Peoples who born in the rabbit year are very friendly. This type of people likes to make large numbers of friends. They people helpful, stylish, jovial and well groomed. And this type of peoples wants to security in life.


  • Dragon: – In the Chinese zodiac dragon astrology is very quite revered. The peoples who born in the dragon year are strength, full of vitality and also attractive.


  • Snake: – In the Chinese snake year, the peoples who born in the snake year are charming, wise and This type of people is romantic and pleasant. They peoples think many times in any types of matter.


  • Horse: – Those types of people who born in the horse year are very intelligent, physically active and very friendly. These types of people not depend on anyone. They are self depended.


  • Sheep: – In the Chinese zodiac sheep astrology, peoples born in the sheep year are thoughtful, artistic and also sophisticated. They peoples have the best potential for finding the correct solution of the big problems. This type of people knows how to save money.


  • Monkey: –  Those people who born in the monkey year are very smart, spirited, courageous, competitive and active. This type people like to do always new things.


  • Rooster: – In the Chinese zodiac rooster astrology, the peoples who born in the rooster year are honest, responsible and showy. These types of people have highly principles and also have the unique sense of colors. These types of people have the knowledge of good communication skills.


  • Dog: – Those type of peoples who born in the dog year are brave, skillful, elegant, affectionate and reliable. This types of peoples Are the good leadership skills and they are also know how to keep secrets.




  • Pig: – The peoples who born in the pig year are meticulous. These types of peoples are strong minded. This type of peoples has unique personality that they are loyal to their friend. These types of people always rigid in their thoughts.


So, after studying the Chinese zodiac astrology you will have the knowledge of which type of quality you have.