Chinese Horoscope Astrology Prediction 2015 to 2016

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From all the schools of the world, Horoscope and the Chinese astrology are the oldest ones. Here, in the Chinese astrology, there are twelve signs that represent the different astrology’s. These 12 animal signs that tend to rotate in a 12 year circle of the Chinese astrology calendar. There are a lot more things in the Chinese astrology apart from the animals sign.

Chinese Horoscope Astrology and Lunar Calendar

According to the horoscope of the Chinese astrology, the lunar Chinese calendar has about twelve months of 30 or 29 days. Chinese calendar adjusts according to the solar year as due the extra addition of months at the regular time periods or intervals. A major single cycle of Chinese calendar is of about 60 years. Each and Every successive year is assigned to the twelve animals. The cycle of 12 years is continuously repeating. Year 2015 in the Chinese astrology is considered as the year of goat. It began from 19th February 2015 to 7th February 2016 with wood as its basic element.

New Year in the Chinese calendar is celebrated after winter solstice on the 2nd new moon and lies in between the dates of 21st January to 19th February in Gregorian calendar.   The Chinese people celebrate New Year on a different day each year as because the western (Gregorian) calendar doesn’t match with the Chinese lunar calendar. Thus, most of the times, the Chinese new year falls in the month of January instead of February.

History of the Chinese Astrology & Horoscope

Chinese Astrology is one of the ancient astrology’s that are ever found. This branch seems to be originated from china in the 3rd millennium Before Christ. As like most of the astrology systems, horoscopes have done with the help of the Chinese astrology use lunar calculations. That’s the reason why New Year of china always falls on different date than the previous year date. From the very beginning of the horoscope and the Chinese astrology, there are five basic elements which are of great importance as described in the Chinese astrology.

 5 Basic elements in Chinese Astrology

Wood, earth, fire, water and metal are the 5 basic elements which are of great importance in the Chinese astrology. All the products are further make a cycle as per explained by the great scholars of the Chinese astrology: Wood creates fire, fire creates earth, earth create metal, metal create water and simultaneously water creates wood, thus the cycle continues.

12 Signs of the Chinese Astrology & Horoscope

Horoscope and the Chinese astrology has basically twelve zodiac signs that are named for the animals as Rabbit, Ox, Snake, Sheep, Rooster, Pig, Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey and Dog. There are variations in the names as like boar is used as for pig, buffalo for the Ox etc. through its difficult to predict the animals as the zodiac signs but their a legend before it. The legend is as follows.

Legend for Chinese Horoscope Astrology

In finding the animal symbol in the Chinese astrology, a famous legend of Lord Buddha came out, which started the special race between the animals. The story starts with Buddha’s summons where all the races of the animal kingdom are invited. There are in total twelve animals that are highly praised for the positions. Hence, these are the animals that were nominated as the most suitable ones for the Chinese astrology zodiac signs.

Wheel of Chinese Horoscope and Chinese Astrology

The wheel of the Chinese horoscope and the Chinese astrology is in actual a chart in which the calendar is known for the animals sign and the particular year they belong. This is the way how a wheel can be read out: images of all the 12 animals predict the repetition cycle of twelve years of the zodiac calendar.

Check out your Chinese horoscope with the Chinese astrology

Finding out the Chinese astrology zodiac sign is very easy and simple. Every year of the Chinese calendar is associated with the animal which has a great significance in the Chinese astrology. You can use the Chinese astrology chart displayed below, to find out the Chinese zodiac sign and horoscope as according to your birth year.

Rat                         1900       1912       1924       1936       1948       1960       1972       1984       1996       2008

OX                          1901       1913       1925       1937       1949       1961       1973       1985       1997       2009

TIGER                    1902       1914       1926       1938       1950       1962       1974       1986       1998       2010

RABBIT                 1903       1915       1927       1939       1951       1963       1975       1987       1999       2011

DRAGON             1904       1916       1928       1940       1952       1964       1976       1988       2000       2012

SNAKE                  1905       1917       1929       1941       1953       1965       1977       1989       2001       2013

HORSE                  1906       1918       1930       1942       1954       1966       1978       1990       2002       2014

SHEEP                   1907       1919       1931       1943       1955       1967       1979       1991       2003       2015

MONKEY              1908       1920       1932       1944       1956       1968       1980       1992       2004       2016

ROOSTER             1909       1921       1933       1945       1957       1969       1981       1993       2005       2017

DOG                      1910       1922       1934       1946       1958       1970       1982       1994       2006       2018

PIG                         1911       1923       1935       1947       1959       1970       1983       1995       2007       2019


Find out the compatibility match through the Chinese horoscope and astrology

If you have some confusion about the compatibility with your special dear one then you should use the Chinese astrology horoscope compatibility chart. In just few seconds, you find out that with whom your zodiac sign are more compatible with and which person is better for you as your life partner.

Chinese Horoscope and the Gender Calendar

An individual can easily find out the gender of a child who doesn’t take birth yet through the Chinese horoscope and astrology.  Through the Chinese online gender calculator, you can easily find out the gender of any child who seems to take birth in future. One only needs to insert the age of mother who gives the birth to the child and the month in which the conception is done. Only by providing these details you can get that your coming son is a boy or a girl in just few seconds online. Hence Chinese astrology is of great use for everyone.