Mars Transit in Capricorn 2014

Created on: Dec, 08 2014 02:58 am in Astrology Services,Predictions

Mars the third planer of our Solar System is transiting in the Capricorn Zodiac sign. It entered Capricorn on 27 November 2014. It will stay there till 4 January 2015. In Capricorn, it will be combined with Jupiter, which will increase the auspicious effects of the festival.


Mars transit will take place in your tenth house. This indicates that you will get good results and your business will expand. Any disputes related to property will be removed. If you are starting some new work, this time is the best to move forward.


The Mars Transit in going in the ninth house. This duration will give positive results in long journeys. You will feel inclined towards the religion and spiritual activities. There are chances that your life partner will get promotion. If your work is associated with the foreign land, time is even better.


Mars is transiting in the eighth house. This transit will increase the profit percentage and you will gain positive results in all fields except health. This is the time to focus on your health. Take care of your family. Think before you speak. Monetary benefits will come to you.


Mars is transiting in the seventh house. This position will give you mixed results. You will get most favourable results in the matters of work and children respectively. Time is best for love relationship. However, if you are married try to avoid arguments with your partner this time.


The transit of Mars is in the sixth house. You will face some difficulty in long distance travelling. For the ones who are married may also face some dissatisfaction. Personal life also will not be too good. However, those who are participating in any competitive activity this time is favourable.


Mars is in the fifth house. In this phase, you may go on numerous short trips. However, stay away from the long journeys. You will get help from your loved ones. Try to maintain the dignity in the love relationship. It is important to take care of the health.


The transit will be in the fourth house. This positive is favourable for you. Your financial situation will improve. Try to keep a control on your words and prevent domestic variances. Your life partner may experience change in the work place and position during this phase.


The Mars Transit is in the third house. This position of Mars is auspicious and it will give you good results. Your enthusiasm will improve. Your siblings will give you complete support. You will experience rise in the respect. However, be alert from your friends.


The mars Transit is in the second house. This may cause sudden expenses. You must have a control on your words. Some tensions are possible due to your family members. Handle the blood relations and married relations with love and care.


Mars is in the first house. During this time, if you are able to control your anger and take care of your health, everything else will be in your favour. Drive carefully. You will have chances where your respect and fame will rise. Partnership will be in your favour.


The Mars transit is in the twelfth house. You need to stay aware this time. There are possibilities of unnecessary expenses. This time, it is important to remain independent. If your work is associated with foreign land, success will come to you. There are chances of short trips too.


Mars is in the eleventh house. This will improve the financial situation. Friends and colleagues will be helpful. Your luck will be also in your favour. During this time, you will fulfil your most awaited desires. Long distance journeys will be beneficial. Domestic environment will be also prosperous.