Horoscope Reading for 2017 all Zodiac Sign via Lal Kitab Astrology

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With the help of Lal Kitab Horoscope for the year 2017, you can easily plan your upcoming new year. Let us check out what the book and your predictions hold for you next year. You can also alter your destiny with the help of Lal Kitab solutions.

 Lal Kitab Horoscope for 2017 For Aries

Arians have to be precautious next year. They may see several monetary issues. Arians who are working should get ready to face some hurdles on the professional front. They may have to drive safely in order to bypass any type of accidents. Health issues can also creep up this year after the month of August. If you are a player in the stock or commodity market, then you may face deflation of sorts. According to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017, you might lose possession of precious and valuable items; you can also get bugled. As mentioned above, do not indulge in monetary associations. Stay clear off debts if you want to be rich. If you are into politics then you have to be careful of stings; always follow official procedures. The best time for you will come after the month of September, and all your problems will vanish after that.

If you want to live peacefully, then lal kitab suggests you to;

  • Be good with your in-laws and give them priority
  • Do not get indulged in faulty scenarios
  • Stay clear of blue and black coloured clothes
  • Do take an electrical appliance machine as a gift
  • Feed elephants if possible


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Taurus Horoscope For the year 2017 By the Lal Kitab

The year will be full of positivity, as your confidence will rise too. This will allow all bad and negative things to subside. You can seek lady luck from a woman. Also, during the year you will stay fit as health will be favourable. However during April and May months you may feel a financial and domestic pinch. You can also incur financial losses on the stock market; however the year will see remedies to old problems. Even your wishes will get fulfilled. To enhance your luck even further, try out vegetarian food, as according to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017. The year will be special and good for students and working professionals but stay clear from 2 faced people; as they may take advantage of you.


In order to get remedies to your upcoming problems, the following solutions given in Lal Kitab should be administered;

  • Do not trust anyone that blindly
  • Make sure you think once before talking
  • Shift your domestic items and placement of your temple as per vastu laws
  • Take holy baths
  • Try to read every contract or document before signing any; be aware of cons

Lal Kitab 2017 Horoscope Predictions For Gemini

Good news for all Geminis, the positive results that you were looking for in your professional will realise this year. Even your confidence will get a positive bump and you’ll do well on the back of it. In order to clear off all your quarrels in life, pray to Devi Durga. Your whole life will blossom up financially and you might even go for a pilgrimage. According to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017 you will find happiness. Challenges will come in the months of January, February, August, November and May. During these months try to be careful. Also cautious whilst doing tax work as a wrong file can seriously hurt you. Give respect to government people and officials and try to be cool and patience. During new moon or Amavaysa time, good things can come to you. Make sure your hold events on Saturdays to attract boys or girls in your life.


As per Lal kitab, do these things to make your life beneficial;

  • Buy pure gold in order to make your life brighter
  • Do not use artificial gold
  • Do not indulge in unlawful relationships
  • Do not wear leather things
  • Entertain and respect your guests
  • Be good with your elders and siblings

Lal Kitab Horoscope Predictions Of the year 2017 For Cancer

In terms of finance, all the Cancerians will face a rollercoaster ride as per Lal Kitab. As soon as you question your hope you will find several difficulties. So, be very cautious at the time of investing in stock markets. Do not trade in F and O markets and in gold items. Stay in touch with your investments. If you are a student make sure you finish your syllabus on time as the year can be difficult for you. If you are a to-be mother, then take utmost care of your unborn baby whilst travelling. A transfer or a shift is on the horizon as you may get booted to an unwanted destination. Take care of your joints, legs, kidney UTI and backache as you may face issues regarding that.


The following are the remedies you must follow as per the Lal Kitab;

  • Feed and give food to street dogs regularly
  • Put a turmeric tilak on your forehead
  • Use black coloured undergarments
  • Be respectful towards your elders and be graceful to them
  • Charity almond with their shells intact at a Shani temple

Leo In the year 2017 as per Lal Kitab Horoscopes

The year 2017, all the Lions will be taken quite seriously. On your work life you will be respected more as per the book. To bump your luck, make sure you visit sacred and holy places or go on a pilgrimage. This will also allow you to keep stability in your relations. You can easily get your goal or aim. If you are married then issues may arise with your partner. You can talk and rectify it. Try not to overdo it in any way with extra confidence. Be cautious of government officers as they might question you. Wear helmets and apply seat belts to avoid accidents. Be concerned about popularity, salesmanship and health.

Do the following things that Lal Kitab 2017 says in order to have command in your life and issues

  • Pray to god and visit temples regularly
  • Do not wear black, blue and green clothes
  • Respect and treat your partner
  • Send some money to your mom
  • Maintain hygiene of your nose

2017 For zodiac Virgo By the Lal Kitab Astrology

For all the virgos, according to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017, will be a year full of devotion and religious activities. This will certainly increase your luck. But your expenses will gather up a lot and your finances will take a hit. Try to be a bit cautious as you can suffer from health problems. Travelling or excess travelling is on the cards and that can add to your bad health woes. You can be deprived of deep sleep and hence take care of your eyes.  As per lal kitab, do yoga and meditation. You will get results and positivity. Keep doing your hard work and stay motivated in order to fulfil your dreams. Be concerned about your mother or other ladies. You will also give support your near and dear ones. High BP may arise and you’d feel resentful. Hence steer clear of negativities.


Solutions and suggestions from Lal Kitab 2017, that would yield you luck


  • Purchase and wear a ring made of pure gold on your left hand’s middle finger
  • Stay clear of blue coloured clothes
  • Travel if necessary
  • Give food to dogs regularly
  • Do give or share data or information with everyone!

Libra Horoscope Prediction For the year 2017 By Lal Kitab

Shani’s last phase (sade-sati) will never be useful for all Liberians. Be very cautious about your health as acute and various chronic diseases may come to your doors. However Jupiter’s placement will give you a boost. You will also get aid and support and also love from your near and dear ones.  According to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017, you should take care of your father and all other old people; the joint family will provide you strength. You will provide support to the poor and to all religious matters. You might also get property or other assets from foreigners or even a strangest. Select your partner wisely. Thankfully students will do well.


Solutions that can remove negativity in your life;

  • Drink water or milk from a silver glass
  • Do not apply oil over your forehead
  • Do not trust everyone
  • Go to the temple on a regular basis and ask for forgiveness from your sins
  • Keep all your electrical appliances in top notch condition.

Scorpions horoscope prediction In 2017 year By Lal Kitab

According to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017, Scorpios will work hard and gain their success. Health problems can arise though your digestive system, eyes or BP; hence extra caring is needed. Profits may come and support will be given by government offices and officials. You are in for a long tour and it will provide you luck. Students can have a tough time. Keep your mother’s health intact and take care of it. Have patience in your life and keep faith in God, no matter what. Be cautious of bad and dishonest people as they can con you. There are no shortcuts to money and hence stay clear of those things. To maintain your close relations, spend money. One of your friends may show you the right path. Work may have to be done alone to gain fruits but colleagues may provide support too.


Lal Kitab Horoscopes solutions for the year:

  • Participate in religious programs and activities
  • Use a silver chain
  • Don’t trust anyone blindly
  • Stay clear of non-veg food and alcohol

Lal Kitab Predictions and solutions For the Sagittarius people In the year 2017

According to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017, you should be more religious to make your life prosperous. Your devotion to god will yield you luck. You may also go on a pilgrimage trip. People, who are into gold businesses, will yield tons of profits this year. You would also follow topics and subjects like astrology, ayurveda and spirituality more. You can even make useless expenses in terms of finances; hence be varying. Do not talk about your plans or future to others. Lal kitab says have should visit temples on a regular and daily basis, to settle some ups and downs. Insecurities and financial issues can arise but Shani’s sade-sati will be useful. Regularly visit temples.


Solutions from Lal Kitab horoscope 2017 provided by the experts astrologers;

  • Be truthful
  • Use gold ring on your right hand
  • Take part in religious activities
  • Give food to birds
  • Give to your brothers and sisters

Capricorn Horoscope Predictions For the year 2017 By Lal Kitab

The year will be absolutely mixed for the Capricorns. During the year you’d easily solve extreme situations. Your creative knowledge and skills will grow. Exercise caution when you meet people of opposite gender as people might interpret it wrongly. Your finances may take a hit because of drinking problems. Your skills can get you through tough periods. If you are a student you might face issues regarding penny-pinching. Family and friends won’t be that useful for you at tough times. A small or a lengthy tour can happen thanks to your work. Saving money might be a problem for you. Stay calm and cool to remain happy.

Solutions to make all your negativity go away;

  • Do not eat that much salt
  • Respect and honour your parents
  • Provide attention to family
  • Avoid blue and black colours of clothes
  • Help others

Lal Kitab Horoscope Predictions for the year 2017 About the Aquarius zodiac

For Aquarians, you might get a boost of your financial position thanks to the aid from your life partner. Also, stay clear from issues. You can earn money from various occult science spirituality programs like Reiki healing and spirituality. In your work life, if you trade with iron and cement, then you’d garner profits. If you have a desk job, then also you will yield benefits. All legal issues with governmental agencies will get solved. Before investing in segments like F and O, make sure you know all about it as it can be dangerous.  People who work with electronic things and electrical appliances may suffer losses. According to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017, good work reputation and a high salary are on the cards; tours are also imminent. You will still show the same concern for your kids.

Solution from Lal kitab 2017:

  • Treat your wife/husband with respect and cooperate with them
  • Do not wear beads or rosary
  • Put all your jewelleries in a yellow coloured cloth
  • Do not have any spiritual book, idol or picture in your own room
  • Avoid fake priests and saints

Pisces Horoscope In the year 2017 By the Lal Kitab Astrology

You Piscean people will win over all your rivals and ongoing issues. According to the Lal Kitab predictions for the year 2017 you will become much sharper in terms of knowledge. Students will hence do well. The family aura will really be nice. You’d live like saints actually and a very helpful scenario will prevail. Long tours are on the cards but do not make any big investment till the month of May. Or else, you may face losses and that can lower down your confidence. After the month of August you will get recognized for your work and it will bump your reputation. Do not get into immoral love or relationships, as it can make you depressed. If you help others then you’d win favours.

Solutions from Lal kitab to avoid negativity

  • Provide aid to labours
  • Manage your communication and relationship with your nephews and sons
  • Regularly feed any stray dog
  • Give food to crows; like biscuits and sweets
  • Give respect to guests and treat them with superb regards

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With these predictions from Lal Kitab we hope you do well in the upcoming year. Just follow the book and have a great new year.

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