Daily Positions of the Planets – Gochar

Created on: Nov, 17 2014 01:32 pm in Astrology Services

The changing positions of the Grahas or the planets through the Rashis (the zodiac signs) are known as Gochara or change of position. The planets move on fixed path and they influence on the fixed position of the Grahas as noted in the birth horoscopes. The slow changing pace of the Grahas (Shani, Rahu, Ketu and Guru) has a long lasting effect and hence they get the most importance in the time of predictions.


In the Maharishi Jyotish program the movements are seen particularly from the position of Chandra in the birth horoscope. The change in the Langa also has a prominent effect and the changes of position from Surya or even some other Grahas in the horoscope note are also deliberated. In the example which we are viewing, the Janma Kundali as the Grahas is in a fixed position. In the ring of the Rashis and Nakshatras we observe that daily changes of the Grahas and Gocharas. Gochara is literally the changing of positions of planets from Moon’s original position. Gochara is one of the most common transit techniques.


The planet which is changing its position from the moon is always affected. It is a general consensus and it is ruled by its lordship of houses that are favorably or unfavorably affected by the planet’s spot from the Moon. The homes of the planets which it secures from the Moon are not affected. The Moon is the sign of growth and a person’s mind. If the planet enjoys a positive affection from the moon, then it can grow its significations. If the planet doesn’t enjoy a favorable then the reverse might occur. It should be noted that, Gochara should be used in mixture with Ashtakavarga. Astakavarga takes deliberation into the strength of the planet under observation by its spot from the other planets and the ascendant, not only from the moon. If the current positions of the planets are known by them, they will in turn give you a reading based on the moon’s current spot.