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Festival of Durgashtami

On the Chaitra Shukla paksha there is a tradition in India to observe the fast on this day. People keep the Bhawani fast on this day so as to get the blessings of the MaaDurga. In 2015, people of India will be observing this fast from 31st March to 8th April because according to Hindu mythology, it is considered that on this day MaaBhawani appeared on earth. To seek the  [Read More..]

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Nov, 18 2014 02:52 pm

Festival of Diwali

This year the festival of Diwali will be celebrated on 23rd October, 2014. People celebrated this day with full of joy and happiness and starts the preparation few days before the Diwali. This day brings the light in the life of individual as it is the day of lights. People lit the diyas at their home and burn the crackles on this festival. All the evil energies are also being  [Read More..]

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Festival of Baisakhi

The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated in different ways in different portion of India. Generally, this festival is celebrated by the Sikh people and on this day they harvest their farms and earn money. People with different religions celebrate this day in different manner. This year this festival will be celebrated on 14th April, 2015. In the Orrisa people celebrate this day as Pona Sankranti and on this day, the  [Read More..]

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How to Perform Deepavali Puja

Festival of Diwali is celebrated with great amount of zeal and enthusiasm among the people of India. This festival is related worshipping of Goddess Lakshmi. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed through puja n offices, house, family etc. On this day, married and business people ask for prosperity from Goddess Lakshmi. On the other hand saints and sages, wish to gain special powers and perform tantric acts at night.  [Read More..]

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Nov, 14 2014 03:20 pm

Goverdhan and Annakut Festival

Goverdhan festival is celebrated on the next day of Diwali. In the year 2015, it will be celebrated on12th november, PratipadTithi of Karthik Shukla Paksha. People celebrate the festival with full faith and devotion. Annakut festival is also observed on the same day. Both these festivals have their own significance. Goverdhan Puja is specially celebrated at the birth place of Lord Krishna or the places associated with him. Prominent places  [Read More..]

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Goddess Maha Lakshmi and Kuber Pujan on Diwali

Puja of Diwali is performed in a systematic manner. After the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati, aarti is recited with lamps lit in ghee and camphor. Before commencing the aarti, Swstika is drawn with the help of Roli on a plate. After that some flowers and Akshat (rice) is put on it. A lamp with four wicks and cow’s ghee is lighted. After the completion of  [Read More..]

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Diwali PujanMuhurat ,11th november2015

DeepawaliMaha Lakshmi Pujan and festival of Diwali is celebrated in PradoshKaal of Karthik Krishna Paksha. To get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi performing Maha Lakshmi Puja is considered auspicious. In the year 2015, Diwali will be celebrated on 11th November. This day is in ChaitraNakshatra, Vishkumbh yoga and moon will be in Virgo Sign. Auspicious lagna combined with amavasya date and pradoshkaal have special significance in Diwali. Let us know  [Read More..]

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Diwali Pujan Story

Story of Goddess Lakshmi and Daughter of Moneylender Once upon a time there lived a moneylender in a small village. Everyday his daughter use to offer water to a Peepal tree. Goddess Lakshmi reside on that tree. Once, when girl was offering water Goddess Lakshmi asked the girl to become her friend. Girl replied she will ask her father. When she told her father about the incident, he gave her  [Read More..]

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Diwali Importance and how to make Goddess Lakshmi reside in the house

Diwali is the most important festival of Hindus. It has huge religious and mythological significance. As per the legend, 12 zodiacs were divided into two parts. The first 6 are situated on one side of equator and the other six on the other. After this Manthan, 14 gemstones were evolved and Goddess Lakshmi appeared on the day of Amavasya. Goddess Lakshmi was born after Samudra Manthan. She is said to  [Read More..]

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Dhanteras 2015 9th novemaber, SubhMuhurat

In Northern India, Dhanteras is celebrated with full faith and enthusiasm on the Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha. Apart from the Lord Dhanvantri, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber are also worshipped on this day. Yam Dev is offered deepdan on this day. It is believed that worshipping Yam Dev can avoid the premature death and any other mishap. After worshipping Yam Dev, a lamp should be lit on the entrance  [Read More..]

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What is Shraddha Puja?

Since the ancient times, late souls and Pitras are known to be the ancestors. It is believed that the Pitras who have the elegance of Lord Ganesha, comes to planet earth just once in order to get rid of the sufferings and pains. On such days, they feed on the offerings made by their descendents to their ancestors. These offerings must be given according to the will of the descendent.  [Read More..]

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Nov, 12 2014 12:44 pm

Samputit Path of Durga SaptShati in Ashwin Navratri Navdurga Festival 2015

The mantras or sholkas unequivocally and plainly expressed emulated by a specified paath of any Hindu scriptures are termed as Samput. They are ordinarily utilized as a part of the starting, center, or end of the paath. The samput makes the mantras more compelling and serious. The samput expands the viability of the mantras as well as shlokas by making them stronger and marked. Any Hindu scared scripture if recounted  [Read More..]

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