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Why is the Adhik Month important and how to do the Puja?

In every third lunar year, the lunar calendar adds an extra month to its list and makes the calendar comprise of thirteen months. This thirteenth month is known as the Adhik Maas and plays a very significant role in the lives of the Hindus. This is added to the lunar calendar when the Surya Sankranti and the Amavasya tithi coincide. In the Indian states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and  [Read More..]

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How to do the Adhik Maas Puja and what rules to follow?

The gap of the extra 11 days in between the solar year and the lunar makes the ground for the Adhik Maas. According to the lunar calendar it takes 354 days and as per the solar calendar, it takes 365 days to complete the journey. And this gap is what makes a time period of almost a month after every 3 years. Hence, to balance both the years, this extra  [Read More..]

Religious significance of Adhik Maas Vrat Puja and Vidhi

The addition of one extra month to the lunar calendar once every third year, is known as the Mal Maas, Adhik Maas, Malimmacha, Purushottam Maas and much more. In the lunar calendar this is considered as the thirteenth month. There is not only this trend of having a month more in the lunar calendar making it comprise of thirteen months, but also there is a trend of having a year  [Read More..]

VIRGO characteristics & personlity

VIRGO (23rd August to 22nd September) Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign of the calendar and the individuals born under this zodiac sign are also things. The people around them can make fun for being so picky and critical about the work, but at the last, they don’t care about the others, they just love helping others. They are very methodical and industrious and they like to delegate, they want  [Read More..]

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TAURUS characteristics & personlity

  TAURUS The individuals born under this zodiac sign focus on their hard-work, to get rewarded for their effort. The people in this zodiac sign are sensible as they do not fall into any challenge without thinking over it. The symbol of this zodiac sign is bull. Taurus is down to earth and they are reliable, practical and stable and try to take each and every step of their goal  [Read More..]

Scorpio characteristics & personlity

Scorpio (24th October to 22nd November) The Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign and the symbol for it is scorpion. The people under this zodiac sign are considered to be fearless, stubborn, serious, passionate and intense. The individual with this zodiac sign need not to be taken lightly. They want to live their life in their own way, no one can control their life, but they also believe that they  [Read More..]

Sagittarius characteristics & personlity

  Sagittarius (23rd November to 21st December) The Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign and the symbol for this zodiac is Dhanu. The people born under this zodiac sign are truth seekers. If seen graphically, the Sagittarius appears like a man wielding a bow whose lower half of the body is of the horse. In literature it is also known as archer. They are broad minded, carefree, loving and believe  [Read More..]

Pisces characteristics & personlity

Pisces (19th February TO 20th March) The last zodiac sign of the horoscope is Pisces and is the most intuitive zodiac sign. It brings the characteristics of the eleventh zodiac sign. The symbol used for this zodiac sign is pair of fish. They are very spiritual, focussed and selfless. They have their idealistic life and have the tough time. They also have the ideal notion about how the things should  [Read More..]

Libra characteristics & personlity

Libra (23rd September to 23rd October) The people born under this zodiac sign are considered to be the natural charmers. This zodiac sign is at the seventh place. In this zodiac sign some shift is noticeable, where the last six zodiac sign’s focus on the contact with the world from the perspective of individual’s and the first six zodiac signs concentrate on themselves. The Librans hate to stay alone as  [Read More..]

Leo characteristics & personlity

LEO (23d July to 22nd August) The fifth zodiac sign also known as Simha is represented by the symbol of Lion. Leo’s are loud, assertive, proud and strong. They consider themselves to be superior from others which brings the feeling of proudness among them. They are courageous, self-confident and hard-worker towards their goal. The heart that Leo’s have is so charismatic and honest that they are even generous to the  [Read More..]

Gemini characteristics & personlity

GEMINI The third zodiac sign is Gemini and the people born under this sign are very witty and fast on their feet. The symbol of this zodiac is twins. The individuals of this zodiac sign are very friendly and charming and they are also very talkative. The cleverness and the curiosity in them make them to come in the lime light of social gatherings and parties.  Gemini’s are good listeners,  [Read More..]

Capricorn characteristics & personlity

Capricorn (22nd December To 20th January) Capricorn the tenth zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of mountain goat. This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which makes them discipline, loyal, hardworking and dedicated. These individuals make their way in every sphere and are always at the top. They are traditional in nature, modest, strong and cautious about their approach. They are very hard-working as they find the  [Read More..]