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Relation between Astrology and childbirth

Relation between Astrology and childbirth A chid is a gift from the heavens. The marriage concept of mahurat is totally situated over logic of conceiving a child on that exact day. Old people always thought about conception, as a child was born two times as per them, i.e. during the conception and during the delivery. The time of lagna of conception is known as the Adana langa and it rules  [Read More..]

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Jul, 31 2016 08:05 am

Worship Lord Hanuman on Hanuman Jaynti and Lord Shani for their blessings

Hanuman or the most dedicated follower and devotee of Lord Rama is one of the very important gods according to Hinduism. There are many followers of Hanuman all across the Hindu community. He is worshipped and commemorated by the followers on the day, when it is considered that He was born. The Vanara God or Hanuman was born on the full moon day during the month of Chaitra. Hence, in  [Read More..]

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Apr, 11 2016 07:21 am

Saturn Transit 2016 What You Get and Loose?

Saturn is a plant also called Shani, the plant of equity, objectivity and punishment. Saturn delays but does not deny. Saturn will reside the zodiac sign Scorpio in the year of 2016. This year Saturn will stay in Jyestha, a constellation also called Nakshtra in Astrology. Jyestha is the Nakshtra of Budha – the Mercury. It is a plant of intelligent and wisdom. Saturn generally creates fear in human mind  [Read More..]

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Feb, 24 2016 07:57 am

Mercury transit in October, 2016 and its effects

In the month of October, the planet mercury will remain in the Virgo house. This transit of Mercury planet has significant impact on the different zodiac signs. The Mercury planet transition will mainly change the expression of people. The effect of mercury transition is as follows: Aries You should avoid counting the fault of others and instead of it, try to rectify your own faults. It is quite clear that  [Read More..]

Feb, 18 2016 02:15 pm

Effect of Rahu Transit on You from January 2016 to Jun 2017

Effect of Rahu Transit on You in Januray 2016 to Jun 2017   Rahu’s transit in Leo Rahu-Ketu are regarded as slow moving planets just after Saturn and Jupiter and they have a permanent retrograde motion. Generally, transit of Jupiter and Saturn are considered more important, but transit of Rahu has much significance as because some unpredictable events may occur. True Rahu enters in Leo on 30th Jan, 2016, 1:59  [Read More..]

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Feb, 05 2016 06:11 am

Worship Lord Bhairav and Lord Ganesha on the designated day

Hinduism and the Hindu mythology, scriptures and religious texts perform as a guideline for all the Hindus. To make sure that the Hindus get the blessing from the gods and goddesses, all the rituals are mentioned in the texts. Not only the blessings, even those, who are suffering from the evil impacts of the enemies known as Nazar Dosh, can be benefited by the remedies and the pujas that are  [Read More..]

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Jul, 31 2015 07:23 am

Perform the Laxmi – Kuber puja and Surya Puja for their blessings

If wealth and prosperity are what you are in desire of, then there are a few ritualistic performances that you must make sure that you perform. One of the most important ones amongst these ritualistic performances is to worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber on the auspicious event of Akshaya Tritiya. Although Goddess Laxmi is one of the most potent goddesses in yielding blessings for financial and wealth growth for  [Read More..]

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Why should you do the Bagalamukhi and Pitambara puja?

The significance of the Dus Mahavidyas or the 10 most potent Vedic rituals is not unknown to anyone, especially the Hindus. The aspect of Hinduism that focuses on the worshipping of the goddesses as the sole and supreme power or Shakti is known as Shaktism. It is in this wing of Hinduism that the goddesses or the 10 most potent Hindu female goddesses are worshipped. About the Dus Mahavidyas and  [Read More..]

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Perform puja for Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Laxmi on the designated date

It is not an unknown fact that Hinduism is the most ancient community living in planet Earth, with its numerous gods and goddesses and innumerable festivals. The number of festivals is so wide and extensive that it is not possible for every regional Hindu community to celebrate all of them. However, some of these Hindu festivals are so popular and common that almost every community and every household celebrates these.  [Read More..]

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Celebrating the festivals of Diwali and Rudrabhishekm

Hinduism is more than a religion; it is a culture that unites millions of followers into one union thread. Different communities belonging to this culture have their own festivals and some are so grand that the entire Hindu community celebrates. One such festival is Diwali. It comes during the Krishna Paksh or the dark fortnight of the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar. Although the celebration mainly focuses on  [Read More..]

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2016 medical horoscope of Libra and Scorpion

Knowing your future so that you can control it properly is something everybody wants. It is really advisable to take proper care of yourself and if you know that your time is not good then you can take some extra care. Horoscope is not only essential for following your love life or financial aspects but also it can help you to know about your health. We are really concerned with  [Read More..]

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Everything would be good in life if love life will be good. Horoscope not only important to predict the financial fate of the future, it helps to know the future of the love life also. Love life is the most important part of one life. It can make a person strong or weak depending on the condition of the person. The horoscope tells whether the person is suitable to love  [Read More..]

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