About Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar


Get your Luck to be determined with the guidance of a renowned Astrologer who has a proven record of all the Vedic knowledge and proper solutions of the related problems.

About our Services:

In India, I am an experienced astrologer and consultant for its related remedies. I completed my Masters in Psychology and was awarded the title of “Vidya Bachaspati” in the field of Astrology. I came from a scholar family of Vedas and manstra-shastra who trained me in various branches of astrology.  I am also a regular provider of highly praised articles on astrology in several astrological magazines.

Apart from this I am contributing a lot on various web groups related to astrology and a reputed jury member for many astrological websites. I myself steadily believe in optimistic application of astrology by using suitable remedies, change of attitude and genuine prayers in order to minimize the negative prospective of a horoscope and maximize the positive ones. I have done the decisive research on the proper usage of mantras and other classical works like Bhagavatam, Raamayana, Devi Bhagavatam, and many more for finding the remedies to modify the difficulties of life. I strongly believe that though the astrologer does his best for the betterment of his client life but at the end the final outcomes are in the Hands of the Almighty as these all suggestions to change the fate are our humble efforts for the best possible outcomes.

I have a striking list of clientele from all the parts of the globe as I am also universally admired for the approach of my integrity, honest attitude and punctual services. As an acclaimed honest astrologer if during the reading of any persons birth chart, a relevant information not shown I frankly answer the client without any tentative answers or guess results about anybody life. I only speak on very strong intuition of mine with a very clear and true prediction based on that.

Qualifications & Experiences:

As I have a professional experience of almost more than 14 years with an association of it more than 2 decades back. I am also a famous astro-researcher with highly praised articles on the topics such as nuances of astrology which are published in hundreds of astrological magazines. My contribution to the web world is also very wide regarding astrology. With my permission, several astro-enthusiasts circulated my articles in several discussion forums. I am very much truthful to my field and give very professional results which maintain the confidentiality and integrity on a timely basis.


I am also a Master of Astrology.